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At 800SERVICE.NET, we do more than provide toll-free numbers; we understand the difference between the offerings of toll-free services from all of the major providers and can recommend a service to your company that will have all of the functionality and features you need, even for complex call center applications, at the lowest possible rates. We are able to get 800 Monthly Recurring Charges waived or reduced to less than 50 cents per number in many cases saving our customers money vs. the standard $5 - $15 per number fee that most customers are paying. In addition our per-minute rates go as low as 1 cent per minute based on volume.

Toll Free numbers are portable and you can switch phone providers and maintain all of your current phone numbers including Vanity Numbers.

Toll-Free service lets businesses offer customers an easy way to connect to customer support, sales offices or other company office locations using a toll-free access number (ex. 800, 866, 877, or 888 prefix). Or, Toll-Free services can be used to connect employees to your LAN, field offices or even to check voicemail when they are away from the office. 800 offers a high-quality, feature rich toll-free products from multiple providers using reliable high-capacity fiber-optic networks. We offer services that are ideal for small, growing and large businesses.
  Coupled with a single point of contact, competitive pricing and a combined invoice, Toll-Free Service is a simple way for businesses to:
  • " Enhance inbound call management
  • " Create new business opportunities by extending geographic boundaries
  • " Offer toll-free service to North American callers or International callers
  • " Connect from an International Location to another International Location
  • " Route Calls by Region, Time of day, Department, Skills or any custom method you would like

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